The School of prophecy on year 2012

After billions and trillions of years life evolved from a single cell life system to multi-cell organisms, life itself needs to excel it needs to move forward and grow into the other level, everybody is talking about the year 2012,
So what is this year about, and what is really going to happen?

The apocalypse,
It can only mean a lot of things, to one apocalypse will be redemption to another it will be the other way around and etc, when people go into the war there are two sides the enemy and the team, and it’s true in bother sides of the team, one team lose the other wins, there are many things that will indicate some kind of disaster could happen as you see the clouds you may predict the rain if someone is hungry and there is a food court a purchase of food will happen it’s easily predicted. Now it needs more accuracy to where and what will be purchase, and still what kind of purchase will be made.

With this analogy you can see that you need proper tools and a skilled individual to precisely predict what will be the out coming of the year 2012 you need to know the initial momentum of events, the velocity on which we are moving, the direction, and the chance! (Humans as free will beings it’s not easy to predict the outcome.)

Initial momentum
· What is the real foundation of our current civilization?
· How did we end up in this current civilization
· How much disaster and unfinished business has it brought itself into
· And what kind of seeds did we planted(One event triggers another event more like ripple effect)
You can go on and on with the list this is just the basic

The velocity on which we are moving
· What is the rate of violence according to the fruits of the original foundation
· What is the rate of technological advancement
· And how are people changing or reacting, the rates of divorce marriage, birth etc compared to the dawn of this civilization
And you can keep on the list going
Which direction are we moving on?
· Again the direction can mean a lot of things here but now we can take it as a collective, meaning the minority is ignored, people are becoming more aware of the global warming and such.
· Most of family or at least every person needs a computer to live or survive in this life
· The social networks are becoming parts of our daily lives and these makes the whole world closer and closer think of the telephone we are literary communicating “telapathically” meaning someone can send you a picture at an instant or a video clip to your mobile phone so in a way a person can let you enter into their “mind” and share their feelings and thoughts.
· Extraterrestrial stories are everywhere.
You can go on keep the list going

The last one is the chance, this is a personal comment, among the attributes of human character there is a “power of will” and this is what sets aside the rest it’s not easy to predict something that has self will something that chooses. Can debate that choices are based on something but still a choice “stands alone” that’s why a human can commit suicide but animals can’t”

So with those simple details in my own conclusion is that human race is evolving into another order of life meaning we will be able to communicate telepathically, when I say telepathically it can only mean one thing when you look on a cell phone, it has some features that is practically telepathically when you communicate with someone else on the other side of the phone, you can send them an instant video, sounds, pictures etc that is only the beginning what about if someone understands how a thought works with your brains(which has already happened) and then link it with your electronic device?
We are the computers, we are the cars, the machines etc, in time we will merge together and evolve into another race.

However a lot of work needs to be done to calculate the accuracy of the event this is just giving you an idea on how it all started and how it will continue. We use a vehicle to move from one point to the other, our civilization is a form of vehicle that will move use from one point to the next.


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