How to Astral Project

What is Astral projection / Out of body experiences? Astral projection: is when a person consciously projects their awareness out side their physical body. Out of body experiences: These are experiences that occur naturally when a person’s consciousness leaves their physical body. The only difference between astral projection and out of body experience is you astral project to achieve out of body experience. Another difference between Remote viewing and out of body experience is that you don’t have to leave your physical body to perceive the distance information, while while in out of body experience you can actually be where you are remote viewing…more like watching a movie in virtue reality and watching a movie on a two dimentional images. just like everything else there are different levels of  astral projection and the more you do it the better of a navigator you become, people do it for years and still realize that they have only just scratch the surface of the ice berg, the way you navigate in the astral place is totally different with the physical, your tools is your thought, think it and become it..think it and get there..but it’s not as easy as it sounds..if you think about your body you just go right back into your bed. that’s why guided meditation can be usefully for concentration and focus.


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