Power Of Suggestion

Imagine you are in the kitchen. You take a fresh lemon from the fruit bowl. It is cool in your hand. The yellow dimpled skin feels smooth and waxy. It comes to a small green conical point at either end. The lemon is firm and quite heavy for its size as you look at it in the palm of your hand. You raise the lemon to your nose. It gives off such a characteristic, unmistakable citrus smell doesn’t it? You take a sharp knife and cut the lemon in half. The two halves fall apart, the white pulpy outer skin contrasting with the drops of pale lemon coloured juice that gently ooze out. The lemon smell is now slightly stronger. Now you bite deeply into the lemon and let the juice swirl around your mouth. That sharp sour lemon flavour is unmistakable. Stop a minute! Is your mouth watering? Did your mouth pucker? If it is, you have achieved synaesthesia, because you imagined the feel, sight, smell and taste of the lemon. You have used your imagination well. The implications are fascinating, because of course, nothing actually happened – except in your imagination! Yet your mind communicated directly to your salivary glands and told them to wash away the sour taste. The words you read were not reality – but they created reality – your flow of saliva. The subconscious mind cannot differentiate between what is real and what it believes is real. Yet it directly controls your actions in a very tangible way.

Our imagination have no limit we can push that faculty as far as we can, our mind cannot tell the difference between imagination and reality, this simple experiment verifies this statement.


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