Chakras And Healing

During illness it can be very helpful to receive energy from a visitor, especially when it is peaceful. Both the ill person and the sender are energized in the process. It is a beautiful partnership. An unthinking, unaware visitor, however, sometimes actually drains energy from the sick, worsening their condition. A depressed person may benefit from receiving another’s uplifting energy, but could also be hindered from going into and working on the depressing energies. A general awareness of energies and their flows helps you understand how to use your own energies more effectively with others. When visiting the sick it is best to be as healed and whole in your own body as possible. The flow between you and the indisposed must be natural. Always allow energy to flow as it will; pushing or directing it too much turns it into little needles, a force of harm rather than of healing. Exercise is potentially very helpful in strengthening your body against illness. Keep in mind, however, that strenuous, rough exercise (which builds up the larger muscles), tends to create blocks, whereas dancing, swimming, yoga, or tai chi all tend to balance and release the chakra flow Lemurian Chakra Healing In Lemuria, a healer pulled energy from the patient’s chakra relating to the illness, brought it into his or her body, turned it into positive energy and sent it back into the patient through a higher chakra. If, for example, the navel chakra reflected a problem, the healer would absorb energy from that point, heal it, then send it out the heart chakra to the patient’s heart chakra and down to the navel area, replacing the energy. The key thing is to put energy back into the healed chakra, which otherwise could attract more illness; this also safeguards. the healer against the illness.

Chakras affect our health, and our self image as well, if we can unblock the blocked flow of energy into our chakras.


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