How to Work With Chakras

Cleansing and Opening Chakras With your hand, find the location of the chakra or chakras on your body. Follow the directions, looking at the areas shown in the picture in the previous chapters. Generally, the energy of the chakras will feel different from that of the surrounding areas. Massage the chakra lightly. This helps open it and release any blocks. If there is much pain, do not massage; instead, hold your hand over the chakra and send energy into it. The extra energy helps release the block. Further assist release by imagining the energy going from your hand into the chakra; energy follows imagination. After A few moments release the chakra. Do not press hard on the xiphoid process, as it can be damaged easily. Either lie down or sit comfortably. Let go completely and let thoughts or feelings come to you. When energy is released from a chakra, information comes to your awareness; it may be a strong message, a memory of an incident, or an attitude. Let your mind ramble. The time necessary for these messages to come through varies from a few moments to as much as fifteen or thirty minutes. Do what feels comfortable to you, but do not stop the process too soon. If nothing comes and you feel comfortable with letting it go, fine; but if you feel restless, uncomfortable or irritable you probably should continue. Remember, the blocks may have existed for a long time and you may not wish to reblock or hold things back. When cleansing is completed, you will generally experience a release of energy and feel refreshed and energized.


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