How Do Binaural Beats Help With Meditation?

Many people are using Binaural Beats in meditation to help them go into deeper meditative states faster and easier. So just what is the science behind Binaural Beats? When two different frequencies are heard by the ears, entrainment occurs. Entrainment is basically what the “brain” hears, verses what “you” hear. For example, if your right ear is hearing 320 Hz, and your left ear is hearing 330 Hz, then your brain is hearing 10 Hz (330 – 320 = 10). The brain operates on four different frequencies. They are beta, alpha, theta and delta. Beta is the most active brainwave, whereas delta is the most inactive. Beta brainwaves are found when you are alert and actively thinking and doing. Theta brainwaves occur when you are in a more relaxed state, like day dreaming. Theta occurs when you are in a light sleep, dreaming, and during meditation. Delta is only found during the deepest sleep and during the deepest meditation. People use Binaural Beats in different ways, but I find starting at beta, and working my way down to delta is most effective. It allows ones brain to progress slowly through all the frequencies, and makes the transition down easier. You don’t necessarily need to go to delta every time. Going to theta is fine for daily meditation. Delta is really only necessary if you are trying to go into the deepest meditative state possible.


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