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September 26, 2010

Talking about Your Intuition



Your Intuition

We all have it, but just don’t know how to use it, some people don’t even know if it does exist.
The little inner voice that tells you something is wrong or don’t use that road is your intuition, when trained you will become aware of this ability and be able to make better choices.

September 26, 2010

Talking about Success Is A Matter Of Choice

From one angle we view life as it is totally unfair, most of people are born in a not so lucky environment, and some are born in very favourable environment, most of people have the mentality that   "This is the natural selection.."   "..Bad Things Happens to good people.."   The poor are meant to serve the rich… "..the government is ripping people off.." .If you have this mental attitude i have a question for you, how do you spend your time? are you doing the things that you always wanted to do?

There is a saying "The ability to choose is the power to change"… you might want to read this over and over for couple of weeks and try to see is the statement is correct, if you can choose to life your life in a different way just one choice at a time and evaluate will you be the same person?

Now i may give you some precaution and warming about this, you do not want to ‘succeed in other people’s definition’   as success cans a total different thing depending on their host! One may just want to be a good musician another may want to be an inventor, another is a successful investor, and other may just want to be married raise kids in a happy environment so it has to be success from the heart and not just materialistic success.

Simple things you can do to change your life immediately are;

  1. Review your life, take time to review your life and ask yourself, If I do the same thing I do everytday will there be a change? If I want to change where would my first step be
  2. Choose exactly what you desire to live your life, define and quantify what it that you really want is
  3. Look the possibilities and means that can make you move toward your goals, list them down and see which one you suit your schedule and needs
  4. Get down to business, start working on your goals that you have set, people may bring you down, you will encounter obstacles, you will fail and want to quit but the key is never to give up, and always remember to evaluate your strategies on how you approach your task.
  5. Become what you want to be.


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September 1, 2010

I Get Distracted So Easily-What Should I Do

With a distracted mind you can’t really accomplish much in life, you will start one sentence and end up with something which is irrelevant to what you started, it is like the feather in the wind, when it comes to  long term projects you will accomplish none simply because you can’t focus on your projects. But you must differentiate between multi-tasking and being distracted. Causes. Our minds are indeed very complex but once you begin to understand how it works, then you will appreciate its true potential. There are couple of things that maybe the causes of a distractive mind;

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