A Guide To Feng Shui Art

Feng shui art is an application of the ancient Chinese practice of feng shui that aims to harmonize the energies in nature. It is a belief that is centered on the principle that the world resonates with positive and negative chi. This positive and negative energy is called the yin and the yang.  This energy as a whole is the Chi or most properly known as the ‘Chi energy. Feng shui art includes the use of objects with positive energy to negate the effects of the negative energy. These objects are placed to break the continuous flow of the negative energy in the home. This is believed to give you and your family a better fortune and a healthier life. To get the same benefits, here are some tips you can follow so that you can apply feng shui art in your home. You can use colors to convert negative energy to positive energy. Feng shui colors reflect the five elements namely Earth, Fire, Metal, Water and Wood.

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