The Power Of Giving.

The more we give the more we get”… what does this statement mean? Is it true that when I give money to other people I will get  more money in return?, well to see if it works you might want to try…and see the results, Maybe you will lose more than what you have given. Everything we see, understand and conceptualize are only half truths, and that’s why there are wars and conflicts everywhere, I can relate it to the analogy of two people looking on a vehicle tyre and one says, that tyre is black..and another replies no that tyre is rubber…. So now let’s go back to the power of giving, the statement is always true, it doesn’t seem true only because you have understood it in your way…

There has been misunderstanding between the law of giving and receiving, the law works all the time, we just don’t understand what we are really giving.


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